The Description and History of Chiropractors


Chiropractic has been present for more than a decade and was initiated by its creator DD Palmer. The word is derived from Latin which means ‘done by hand.’  In its earlier stages, the initiative that formed its basis had several influences. However, it took longer to develop its core premises. D.D. Palmer was initially a magnetic healer with interest in metaphysical. B.J Palmer his son had a great impact on the development of the profession as well.

Hippocrates said that in most cases it was necessary to be familiar with the anatomy of the spine. The vertebral column is continuous, hence one of more vertebrae may dislocate or not. If they do, they are likely to cause severe complications to the patient or even lead to death if not corrected properly. Many of the diseases are related to the spine.

This may have been the underlying thought that everyone had during that period .D.D  Palmer at some point believed it to be the case too, and so he decided to manipulate  the spine to help people with different complaints about their spine.

The holistic care at was based on the integrity of the spine and the nervous system. They had learned that the brain is the one that controls every system in the body, the spinal cord is continuous with the brain; therefore the spinal cord together with the nerves are used to deliver messages to every part of the body. Palmer thought that if you’re sick, there is a high chance that your nervous system was affected therefore chiropractors job was to correct.

He made use of the interest he had in metaphysics to introduce the idea of ‘innate intelligence.’ This concept involved the natural ability of the human body to generate the healing process on its own and that any interference with this process could cause illness.

After some time the idea grew into a more accepted version. The Chiropractic Software was still based on the thought that our body has a natural ability to heal itself but the stressors on the body would interfere with the spinal joints movements. They believed that the most common stressors were physical, emotional and chemical.

By the year 1920, the study on the spinal movements, disc herniation, and nerve impingement was well established by the medical realm. The research showed that a dysfunction of the spinal joint could irritate the spinal nerve. Palmer termed this as ‘vertebral subluxation.’ This term is chiropractic specific hence it should not be confused with the medical term of subluxation.


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